Microsoft Excel Definition for Sheets

Microsoft Excel creates workbook data files that contain three worksheets by default.

A sheet is a short name for a single worksheet or spreadsheet in a Microsoft Excel workbook. The worksheet is a table or grid composed of rows and columns that make it convenient to enter, organize, calculate and consolidate data. Although VisiCalc and Lotus 123 introduced the concept of spreadsheets or worksheets on personal computers, Excel provided a graphical interface to layer and link multiple sheets using a mouse in a windowed environment (also you can try use other services like Excel Assignment Help).

Creating Worksheets

You can set the number of worksheets that a workbook will generate by default by navigating to the “Tools->Options->General” menus. The number of individual worksheets that you can add to your workbook file is only constrained by your computer’s memory. You can add individual worksheets by right-clicking on an existing worksheet tab and selecting “Insert.” You also have options to delete, move, rename and copy existing sheets using this menu.

Entering Worksheet Data

Click the cell that you wish to enter data into and begin typing. You can enter text, numbers, formulas and images into cells. You can format the data in cells by clicking options on the tool bar at the top of your screen, the “Format->Cells” menu, or by right-clicking the cell and selecting a format option. Font, size, color and justification are examples of the formats applicable to worksheet cell data.

Navigating Worksheets

Click the tabs in the bottom border of your screen to move between individual worksheets. You can group individual sheets together by holding the control key and clicking the individual sheet tabs with your mouse. Grouping individual sheets allows you to edit and update related information quickly and accurately. You can also format and print grouped sheets quickly and conveniently.

Consolidating Worksheets

Consolidate data between multiple worksheets using the “Consolidation” option from the “Data” menu. You can have a separate worksheet of expenses for each month of the year and consolidate the 12 separate sheets into a single annual expense sheet using this option. Changes to expenses on any of the monthly sheets will update the annual consolidation sheet automatically. A consolidated worksheet can reside within the same workbook as the dependent worksheets or stand alone in a separate workbook file.

Worksheet Benefits

Excel worksheets allow you to create, import, analyze and report on large amounts of data quickly and accurately. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 supports individual worksheets up to 1 million rows by 16,000 columns featuring a range of arithmetic, statistical, financial and engineering functions. Worksheets also support charts and graphics that enable analysis, communication and collaboration of diverse data sets.

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